Local Control for Wink

Please Smartthing move forward. I really like this system better but Wink, who is bankrupt, is already there too. I’m not complaining or bashing but it is getting much easier to use their system. Please let me clarify, Smartthings is a much better platform. I just wish they would get on the ball.


My guess is it will still be slower than the ST local control. Plus, they’re only adding it for lighting, just like SmartThings currently has.

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So far it’s lightning fast. Will they end up with problems? Maybe so. I just know that I’ve moved everything over except my flood sensors and Sonos and it’s very smooth. Smartthings definitely has more options and I like the functionality better. I just wish I could have had a reliable scheduled and a lot less false security alarms.


It’s ironic that “bankrupt” Wink releases more meaningful and more frequent updates than SmartThings.


I would expect local control for Zigbee and Zwave to be about the same for all similar platforms, one of the outcomes of using third party standards. So Wink, SmartThings, Staples Connect, Vera, Abode, etc should all be very similar running local.

I’m not sure what will happen with Wink and Lutron, Lutron itself run by a Lutron controller is almost always faster than anything else for lighting. They engineer for that. But I don’t know what happens what you put in a third-party controller like wink or Staples connect.

Also, one very small technical point:

Wink was a division of quirky. Quirky went bankrupt, but wink itself did not because it was not a company.

As part of the sale of assets during the quirky bankruptcy, ownership of wink was transferred to Flextronics (the largest creditor of quirky, and the hardware manufacturer for the Wink system) as a reduction of the debt owed to Flextronics. Flextronics didn’t really want it, but it was better than getting nothing.

Flextronics has not gone bankrupt. So Wink is now a division of a non bankrupt company, but a company that didn’t really want it. And it looks like its major retail partner, Home Depot, is dropping the line. So its future is still pretty murky. We’ll just have to see what happens. :sunglasses:

Discussion of the business side in the following topic:

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Great minds think alike… I was just getting ready to post this :slightly_smiling:

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My reason for thinking it would still be slower than SmartThings is due to the fact that they said it could cut your response time at least 50%… but 50% of 3-5 seconds+ is still slower than smartthings.

Please know I’m a big fan of ST. I used it for a long time without incident. I’m not gonna put the Wink hub away yet though. Not until the stability improves. Wink’s future may look bleak but all of the device work on both platforms and the hub was really cheap. Right now it is a lot more reliable and that keeps everyone in the house happy.


Yup, busy weekend for me! Looks like after cutting security off ST hub, lighting is next. If it wasn’t for @bravenel and @Mike_Maxwell and for this awsome community, I would have gone Winkwards a long time. I am glad I didn’t get rid of my Lutron stuff…

It all comes down to your use of the system. One think Wink isn’t good at is motion sensor to light automations. They are usually five seconds or so. In my situation that’s okay. If you need a faster response time then I would hold off

Anything less than ST local processing speed is no go for me, but will be interesting how Wink’s local processing functions for basic lights on motion. If I still walk through my hallway before Wink turns on the lights, like it used to, then…

I’ve just tried it out of kicks. Transferred a Z-Wave dimmer and a Z-Wave motion sensor (Monoprice) to Wink. Set up robots (super easy, btw) to turn the lights on when motion starts and turn them off 10 min after motion stops. The lag is very small, about 1 second after the red light on the motion sensor blinks and the lights turn on. Turning the lights on and off from the Wink app is almost instantaneous.

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From what I’m reading it’s only local control of lighting through the app, basically remote control. Robots still go through the cloud.

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Anywho, It was pretty damn fast, much faster than last time I played with Wink few month ago. From what I can tell their response time is pretty close to SmartThings now.

This is correct.

Also, you think ST’s scheduler is bad. Wink has only just fixed the issue whereby you couldn’t schedule something that starts before 12am and ends after. You had to setup two different ones, the first one had to end at 11:59 and the other started at 12:01 :smile:

Yeah Wink local control is “faster” but it still seems ST’s CLOUD can be faster than Wink’s LOCAL control, YMMV.

Bye Wink and thanks for all the (bad) memories.

There was an interesting release note, faster in app processing as long as connected to home wifi. That sounds to me like the phone runs local.

Looks like Wink has a major advantage over ST, for those who use their phones as remotes (I don’t - I am in my phone all day, when I get home, I want to put my phone away and forget about it). But still…

“Local control removes the cloud layer from the equation, so that your phone can talk directly to the Wink HUB on your home network.”

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Way to go, Wink! Hope ST will take notice.

My Lutron lights on my Wink hub are faster, but it’s been more of a hit or miss. I haven’t actually tried a z-wave or zigbee switch, because those are hooked to ST. Maybe I’ll play later today. I like the whole Wink app better, but until it is at the same speed as ST, I’ll stay with ST.

[quote=“SBDOBRESCU, post:10, topic:38655”]
I am glad I didn’t get rid of my Lutron stuff
[/quote] Bobby, please let me know how your Lutron lights work with the new update. I’m interested in getting someone else opinion on this.

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