Thoughts about quitting (and other rumors :) )

Continuing the discussion from VLC Thing. A Poor Man's Sonos:

I don’t recall appointing @sidjohn1 as my spokesperson. :slight_smile: So, for the record, I’m not “lost” and I’m not “quitting” or any such nonsense. I continue to use SmartThings alongside other smart home solutions, including Philips Hue, Amazon Echo, Staples Connect, Wink, and soon Vera Edge, as well as other platforms, both opensource and custom/proprietary. Luckily, I have a big house and fairly generous budget for my hobby. :smile:

It’s true that due to known issues with SmartThings, I decided to use “another” platform as my primary “production” system for the time being. I do however continue using SmartTings as a secondary/test platform.

No existing smart home system is perfect. Each has advantages and disadvantages. SmartThings has some very unique features that others don’t have, but it’s very immature and unstable platform at the moment. Hopefully, it will change in the future. When I got into SmartThings over a year ago, I expected that it would be more stable by this time. Am I disappointed? To certain extent yes. But at the same time I’m hopeful that things will get better.

The good news is that you don’t have to chose either/or. With hubs costing from $50 to $150, most people can afford more than one :smile:


You are not allow to leave ST. SmartTiles and Smart Alarm are the two best apps. We (or I) will hunt you down if you leave! I know your IP address!