Quieter Security Alert without a Siren?

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It Will depend a lot on what you yourself are sensitive to.

I have a sensor on the front gate that sends me a text notification when that gate is open. I can choose that notification sound to be whatever I want based on the phone number sending the text, so I played around with the various phone choices until I got one that would get my attention but not be annoying. That depends in part on the options that are available on your phone and from your phone service.

Many people using notification choose light rather than the sound, so you could have a light come on or if it is a Hue bulb have the light changed to a particular color. A light coming on in my room will wake me up, but would not wake up my housemate.

Many people just use a regular radio plugged into a smart plug in module. Leave the radio turned onto whatever station you want. Then use the switch to control when the radio gets power. Again it depends on what will wake you up, but that one’s just like a radio alarm clock, so most people will wake up to it.

So, lots of options just depending on what works for you personally.

by “text notification” do you mean an SMS or chat or push notification? What do you use to configure the sound for it?

I use SMS. My phone lets me assign different text tones based on contact ID.

There are apps that alarm if they receive a sms from an assigned number used by emergency responders, I have had good success (except when the number changes randomly)
sms alarms;

I really wanted ST Red Alert wallpaper to work, but working with the developer we could never get it to work for my particular phone;