Quiet Z-Wave Lock?

I’m currently using a Kwikset 910. Love it. Had zero issues. But it’s rather loud. Anyone have any suggestions on a lock that isn’t super loud and isn’t going to break the bank?

I’ve tried most brands, or at least visited friends who had them. The Yale locks are noticeably quieter than most of the other brands, but still noisy. And of course they are one of the most expensive.

If you need a much quieter option, maybe because you have a family member who is disturbed by the noise, you can go a different direction and look at an electric strike option. These don’t need the same kind of motor because it’s not actually moving the lock, it’s just releasing it so The door can be opened. You mostly see these on commercial buildings where there might be a card reader or an NFC reader. You insert the card and you will hear a very quiet click as the door is unlocked and then you can just pull it open.

There are a number of issues to consider with these devices, in particular what you want the state of the door to be if the power is out, but there are some community members using them.

I have a Yale B1L. It is very quiet. Have to be within 5 feet to hear it, or have a stone quiet room. Bought it on ebay for under $100 with the zwave module. The only install challenge was that the hole in my steel door was too small. A good lock install kit and some heavy clamps solved that problem. I paired it with the hub and built automations in Webcore before I installed it to make sure it could do what I wanted.

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