Quicker Iris Contact sensor temp updates?

Is there any way to get my 2nd gen Iris contact sensor to report back the temp quicker? I tried Pollster but it looks like it is only checking the open/close status maybe?

Pollster should work. I used it to update the temp every 15 min.

The device is primarily a contact sensor and it seems to be verifying that status as scheduled in Pollster but not updating the temp or battery stats…

It should report at minimum every hour or at most every 30 seconds any time there is a change of 1 C or more. If it’s not, it doesn’t sound like the hub configured it properly (or it missed that command). I would refrain from using Pollster unless absolutely necessary.


Are you sure about the 1 degree? I think I am seeing what you describe but instead of 1 degree I am seeing 2 degrees.

So at least every hour, some period much sooner than 1 hour, but only after a 2 degree change.

If you are not seeing something like what @mitchp is describing, excluding and then re-including the iris sensors may fix the problem.

The iris sensors need to get a one time configure command from the hub, which only happens during the pairing process.

There was a fix in smartthings a few months ago to better recognize and pair the iris contact sensor.

Originally when I first purchased the iris contact sensors before the latest fix, no temperatures were ever pushed from the contact sensor.

Repairing them fixed this.

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one of my iris contact sensors refused to update battery and temp correctly until i totally reset it.

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He said Celsius which is about 2 degrees at “normal room” temperatures. That is about what my experience is.

A single degree Fahrenheit with rounding is probably to specific, its easy to bounce around a degree.

Whats the use case for faster polling? I know in smartApps you can create a schedule and ask a device what temp it is.


I’m thinking this sensor is just not talking to the hub at all. It is the 5th Iris sensor I’ve added and the others are updating just fine (hourly at least). The others I wanted as contact sensors so I’d just open/close a few times once they were paired/installed and not pay much attention to them after that. This one in particular I am just using to monitor temperature so after pairing and doing the open/close tests I put it in the location I wanted, repaired the network, then anxiously awaited an updated temp reading… When I didn’t have a new one after 2 hours, I started investigating how to manually kick it to get a new reading… Hitting refresh on the Thing screen did nothing (didn’t say it failed, just didn’t provide new data) so I started looking for another way to get a fresh reading (hence trying Pollster).

I guess my next step is to test the open/close again and reset the silly thing if necessary. Since I was just interested in temp and it was in an outdoor location, I taped the contacts together and stuck it in a ziploc to keep it dry, guess I get to undo that now LOL

ok quick noob question, if I have a ZWave device (GE outdoor module) pretty close to this sensor will that help it talk back to the hub or does it need an intermediate, non-battery powered Zigbee device to mesh with? I have several powered GE Zwave things (wired outlet, light switch, outdoor module) between my hub and this location and I have a bunch of other Zigbee sensors sprinkled around but nothing powered/Zigbee near this newest sensor. Could that be the problem? Any cheap, powered Zigbee things I could plug in to boost that network?

The Iris are zigbee so the GE Zwave module will not repeat. Only plug in devices repeat signals. It could be the issue.

I picked up a couple Iris Plug in Moduless to help boost the mesh. It really helped the reliability of the overall mesh.

Edit: If you happen to live in Rome, GA (or change your Lowes store to that location) they can be had for $7.44

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The new gen Iris smart plug right? I can try that, thanks! I was seeing conflicting info about Zwave/Zigbee devices acting as repeaters for each other and wasn’t sure what was right… So some Zigbee stuff will repeat for Zwave but not vice versa right?

Zigbee will never repeat for zwave and vice versa.

The Iris Smart plug is the exception, because it has a zigbee and zwave radio in it. I don’t need zwave repeating so I never installed the device handler for the repeater.

Most of my sensors report temp changes as they should, but I have a couple that don’t unless I hit the refresh icon (the counter clock-wise circle arrow). Once I do, I get the updated temp.

Is there an easier way to exclude and re-include other than removing all smartapps from it, deleting it, adding it back and adding back the smartapps?