Quick Academic Survey : Five minutes of your time Huge Help to me!

(Kevin Aloe) #1


I currently am working through my master project and am conducting an academic survey on attitude towards smart home.
I need US respondents (either US citizen or living in the US) would would generously spend a few minutes on my survey.
Without it I can’t do any analysis, so I sincerely thank you :



(Bobby) #2

Done, good luck!

(Kevin Aloe) #3

Than you very very much!


All Done.

Less than 20 Char.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #5

Done and stuff

(Dave) #6

Done Done.

(Kevin Aloe) #7

Thank you so much guys !
Great Community.
This is really making a difference.


(Brian) #8

Done and done.



(Steve Jackson) #10

All set,…

(Stephan H.) #11

Done Da Done Done

(Ben W) #12

Count me in to.

(Marc) #13

Done. Please share results when done. Would love to see the results.