Survey regarding attitudes towards smart devices and data collection

Hi! My name is Jo, and I’m currently studying for an MA in Library and Information Services Management at the University of Sheffield. As part of my dissertation, I’m attempting to gather information relating to consumer perceptions and awareness of the collection and use of data produced by smart home devices, and how this influences consumer behaviour.

If you are a UK resident, and regardless of whether you currently own or use a smart home device of any kind, I would be super grateful if you could spare some time to complete this delightful and (hopefully) not too arduous questionnaire:

The project is explained in greater detail on the first page of the questionnaire; alternatively, if you’re concerned about clicking a random link in a random forum post (and who would blame you), you can email me at jmccrossan1 [at] sheffield [dot] ac [dot] uk.

Thank you for reading.

Hi Josy…

Can you please promise to repay the SmartThings Community by sharing the complete results with us? Thanks and good-luck!

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More than happy to.
Where’s my cheque… Joking. :wink: