Questions about Location per members n'at

I have two questions… one is a preference and looking for advice, the other is a problem. I’ll start with the easy one: When I enable the members locations as devices, they show up on the front page saying “No room assigned.” Not sure why they would have to be in a room, but what does everyone here do with those items?

The QUESTION: When I look at those items, they have a little black icon that looks like one of the Samsung Arrival Sensors. However, that’s it. I can’t tap on them to do anything, they’re just there. HOWEVER, my wife just upgraded from iPhone to Pixel 4XL and I logged her into SmartThings last night and when we look at her two icons at the bottom, there is another little icon (like wifi waves or whatever) coming from the little icon. When you tap on the item, it brings up a page for that device. I forget what information it gives, but I feel like it states whether or not it is home n’at. So if she’s using SmartThings on the Pixel 4XL and I’m using it on a Galaxy S10… why is her experience different from mine? I’d like to use those for some automation and I want to make sure I’m working correctly.

Thank you,

I just removed my location icon trying to troubleshoot, and now I don’t even remember how I got it there. haha. I’m lost folks. Please help.

OK!.. So, I have updated my connection with Life360 and they are back. So, they show up as Life360 members. Does anyone use Life360 for location? If so, is there a setting on Life360 that I’m missing that disables such feature on SmartThings? I would think this has to be something on the phone or something since it’s not able to pull the info in the SmartThings app. ?? I have no idea why the icon in ST behaves differently from Pixel 4XL and GS10… Unless it has something to do with Android 10… that would make more sense. Any ideas?

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