Questions about custom capabilities


can someone explain me how to turn on the histogram in a custom-capability and how to customize the color scheme of a slider?

thanks in advance and best regards

Welcome to the SmartThings Community, @Sven_Heuer!

Do you mean the graph that appears for some capabilities like temperatureMeasurement or powerMeter?
If so, that is part of their special UI, which means it cannot be used in custom capabilities.

This isn’t possible, we cannot modify the design of any of the capabilities (custom or standard), this includes color, font, font size, etc.

Thanks for the quick reply @nayelyz

Are there any plans to bring these features back as I think it was possible on Groovy?

Sorry, there’s no information about that.

I believe it may have been possible when the Groovy DTHs were being used with the legacy app, but not with the current app.