[Groovy DTH] Issue with custom capability (stepper display)

I appear to have the updated firmware and now my custom capability which has worked fine for the last year suddenly will not work at all. I only get “A network or server error has occurred. try again later.”

Do I need to regenerate my custom capability? I haven’t had to do this for quite a while even though I have seen the performance built in improve (text editing works now, e.g.).

Thanks for your help!

Is the device using a driver or a Groovy DTH?
Can you share the capability’s ID, please?

I believe you are looking for something here?

definition (name: "Adjust Integer Values", namespace: "guxdude", author: "guxdude" ,"vid": "7f05b788-4020-3d65-9977-a76c6ebb049e","mnmn": "SmartThingsCommunity"

@nayelyz I believe what I did was create a custom capability and then write a DTH/device handler to provide the functionality.

You have 8 custom capabilities in that VID, which one stopped working?
Have you made any recent changes to it?

It appears to be the stepper function that has stopped working. I tried both using the +/- buttons and directly editing the text and both give me the same error. These are used in the adjustIntegerA/B/C/D.

Also for this vid:

definition (name: "Adjust Time Values", namespace: "guxdude", author: "guxdude"
           ,"vid": "bcccec64-8bbc-3719-829f-a00a0ac8072f","mnmn": "SmartThingsCommunity"

I have the same problem with adjustMinuteA/B/C/D and adjustHourA/B/C/D.

When I call the functions to set the values, that works fine.

Side note, is there some other way then the groovy IDE to define the capability functionality in the future?

aaah, ok.
Yes, this issue is already reported, but it is not related to the Hub’s firmware release, someone reported this issue on July 8th (this is just to have a better time frame).
What you can do to control your capabilities is:

  1. Use a scene or a Routine (depending on which display types you used for the automation)
  2. Send commands to the API using the CLI:
smartthings devices:commands device-ID 'main:dictionaryfabric11101.adjustTextD:setLabelD("value")'

Edge drivers will replace Groovy DTHs once the legacy platform sunset arrives. (There are already some processes of migration for those in the Hub beta program, but the public migration will be announced later on)

This firmware update for Wi-Fi Hubs allows you to install them and use them correctly.
Take a look at these threads:

Note: About this one, I’m confirming if this also happens for Wi-Fi Hubs now that you received the firmware
Update: Yes, they should take into consideration the enabled drivers for this default joining process. You can check which ones do that in the FAQ page included in the thread

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OK, That does sound like abut the time it stopped working. Yes, I can set the values directly but that is not useful when I want to adjust the value from the app. Is there a place where I can track this issue and see when it is fixed?

thanks again!

I will post any update I get about this here to provide awareness. In the meantime, I’ll also include your comments in the report I created.

Also, tagging @krlaframboise as he reported it first, so we’re all on the same thread :smiley: