Can't find Power Allowance feature in Smart Lighting


I’m trying to automate some timing and it sounds like I should be able to do it using Power Allowance inside the Smart Lighting SmartApp, as described in this wiki:

However, when I go to Smart Lighting on my Android device and select my trigger, I can’t see Power Allowance Exceeded.

Am I looking in the wrong place? Could this be iOS specific?



Unfortunately, the power allowance is only for “turn off” as a trigger in smart lighting smartapps. if you need turn on then I would use a community smartapps called CoRE.

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Hi Ray

This is PERFECT - I just hadn’t tried looking for that setting with “turn off” specified.

That’s exactly what I needed - thank you so much.

I’ll check out CoRE too as I’d like something more flexible generally…



Step 2 from the wiki article:

You do this by selecting the virtual switch as the one you want to “control” and then saying that you want to turn it “off” (not on) and then when asked how you want to “trigger” it, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and there will be an option for “power allowance exceeded.”

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Was “power allowance” removed. I use it for my TV with a 120 minute timer. I just added a switch for my bathroom exhaust fan and wish to also set a timer. The app still works on my devices, but I can no longer find it when trying to add a new app for the fan.

Important question, where do I set the actual “power allowance”… I’ve chosen it as part of a turn off automation…: but were do I “input” the actual power allowance?! And the next question is for a small coffee maker, what should power allowance be in watts or kw??