Question about zigbee repeater

Is there anyway I can stop a zigbee light strip from connecting to a smart light & then connecting to my hub. I think I discovered why i keep having issues with my sengled light strip. 1 strip connects directly to my hub. The other light strip connects downstairs to my lowes iris plug, then the smartthings plug in my son’s room & then my hub. If I remember correctly, in the past when I would delete & reset the light strips, they paired directly to the hub. Is there anyway I can stop them pairing to other devices? Any help is appreciated @JDRoberts

you cant control how they connect thru repeaters. I have some devices that will jump across the house and backtrack to the hub, when there is a repeater available between the device and hub. also, the number of children varies by the repeater.


I kind of figured that but wanted to ask just in case. Funny thing is these lights worked with no problem until maybe a few weeks ago. I just reset everything, names them differently & pulled the 2 smart plugs they were hooking up to. Oh, I moved my hub over a few inches too. Now I’ll wait & see if they light up tonight. My other thinking is buying a sengled hub & updating the firmware & maybe keeping the lights hooked up to that. I did not know but there a few extra features with different types of lighting & more colors with their hub.

If all else fails I’m replacing them with inovelli light strips.

Dom, Awestun is right about not being able to micromanage the route - but I’m kinda curious what happens if you temporarily kill (unplug) the Lowes Iris outlet then reset your light strips?

Reason I ask, I had one of the 3210-l in a back room and sometime late last year it started going ‘squirrelly’ (best way I can describe) Weird random stuff started using it as a parent and then couldnt communicate. I ended up dumping the Lowes plug around February and haven’t seent he issues come back. (YMMV)

Nathan so far so good. I moved the iris plug to the other side of the wall & plugged the smartthings plug late yesterday evening & as of now, the light strips are connected to the hub only & not those plugs. I need the iris plugged no matter what because my water sensor & window sensor lost connection after I unplugged them. The test will tonight to see I’d they turn on & stay synced to hub only.

The strange thing is I was always using both plugs since going back & I dont understand why the lights started acting up only a few weeks ago? I’m thinking there was some type of update that changed something. Btw. . I’m using the stock device handler for the iris.

Mine started out of the blue too. My guess is the Iris plug is failing intermittently. I didn’t need mine so i pulled it. Id just replace it if i did need the repeaters.

Are you using the stock device handler or the custom device handler that most people use. I’m thinking if I have a problem again I may try the custom one.

When i still had yhr device i used stock. Like i said i pulled mine in February abd it found a trash can.

I do not know if it will have to do with your case, but since last update version of the Hub’s zigbee stack to 5.2.1 it seems to me that the connection paths of the zigbee devices change more frequently than with the previous version. Almost daily in devices that have more than one repeater near it.
Even repeater devices close to each other, which spread the connection of the devices in the area, one day they link with the other repeater and make everyone link through one of them. Next day they unlink and each one repeats their own. Before I do not remember this happening so many times and I have not changed any location devices.
This is not causing me connection problems, but I seem to see more failed messages, without being able to ensure it.

When I was writing this, a repeater device that was connected to another repeater switch 4m away in the basement, has changed its link to a repeater socket that is on the 2nd floor and has taken its 3 paired devices with it.

I do not know if someone has also noticed any change in the functioning of zigbee network.

I personally think it has something to do with one of their updates because before this I never had a problem.

Your Hub is V2 or V3?

Version 2 & I have had it since day 1. I’m really thinking it’s something with one of their updates.

For hub V2 the new zigbee versión was between may 10 & 13.
I don’t know if it matches your problems or they appeared before

Had the issue before that.

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Well so far so good. Lights have stayed paired directly to hub & turned on. Question…should something change again, should o keep the regular zigbee channel or change it. I’m not even sure how to determine best channel.

“Best” channel depends ENTIRELY on what else is going on around you. What WiFi channels you and your neighbors have, any other Zigbee networks, etc. The answer is ‘most open.’

So I guess trial & error. Well I’ll keep my fingers crossed that these lights stay working correctly.

best articles ive seen on the subject are here:

It’s a good read.

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