Iris smart plug integration

I received my plugs yesterday! Thanks to everyone who alerted me to the deal. However, of teh three I received I was just able to connect both Zigbee and Z-Wave on one; the other two just will not connect on Z-wave.

I followed the instructions from this site, did Zigbee first, with the special device handler, then got the Z-wave device add going, the blue light was blinking on teh plug, but no cigar. It would not bind.

Any ideas how to proceed?

Rinse and repeat. I had a very stubborn one too, that would not cooperate. Removing the zigbee and resetting over and over did the trick right before I was about to give up.


OK. Will give it a whirl tonight and report back.

I have 3 coming today too, I hope all 3 will go easy on me. Because last time I was about to plant one on the wall…

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What I did for mine was plug them it into a power strip sitting here in my office a few feet from the hub… The switch on the power strip made it easier to deal with pairing. Seems like pairing is always a pain with my stuff but just planning a head and having a comfortable seat makes it go by easier lol

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When I was adding mine I got pissed and started just taking the hell out of the button during the search.

Worked like a charm on the rest of them.


If these operate on the zwave mesh this may not be a good idea, because you wouldn’t be able to use them too far away from the hub.

It’s a mesh network, how close do you think you have to be? It’s not like a Wi-Fi where every device connects to the hub, this the name… Mesh.

Also, these are zigbee switches/repeaters with a built in zwave repeater as well.

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It would be wise to update neighbor nodes for both zwave and zigbee after moving the devices to their final home.

Anytime I add a device that is a repeater Ill do a hub reboot and/or zwave repair anyway. But the pairing part is the ‘hard’ part so make it as easy as you can on yourself then worry about the mesh.

I wish I bookmarked a post by one of ST engineers about how to properly configure a zwave repeater. There was a trick that made sense to me then, but I just cannot remember what he said. I agree that power cycling and repair is a must after adding any new devices in general.

So I took some time this evening to try again to get connected. The first pass was to just try to link again, and lo and behold, one of them linked almost right away! Yipee!! So, on to the last one … this one I factory reset, connected Zigbee and no luck with Z-wave. Repeated two or three times, and then, out of nowhere suddenly in connected.

I must admit I find it amazing how temperamental Z-wave is, at least for a casual user like me. Makes me wonder … if it is this hard to connect, does it remain connected all the time, or does the connection come and go, and I just do not know about it??

Makes me apprehensive about making any of these sensors / programs mission critical for my home.