Question about Yale YRL220ZW605 - Internal Locking

I saw this Yale Z-wave lock model on Amazon but saw something strange( well may not be strange for others , J), So wanted to know if anyone uses it?

It looks like, you can not lock this ‘lock’ from inside. I mean even when the thumb is positioned vertical ( where all other locks in my house even let me twist the lever from inside), this lock allows you to twist the lever and open the door. They said it’s the safety feature for those who doesn’t know how to twist the know to horizontal position to leave…

Sorry for not posting the link:
Does anyone has this lock?
Can I use this lock to lock the door from inside? I mean can my kid just twist the lever and go out ( assume here he doesn’t know how to twist the knob/thumb to horizontal position).

Strange part for me at least that it’s a smart lock who doesn’t know how to ‘lock’ ( from inside )

I have that lock. You can lock it from inside.

Yes, your kid can easily open it. The handle works and opens regardless if the lock is locked from the inside.

Did you run the lock “calibration” after installing it? Some locks don’t allow you to turn it until the calibration is run (see the manual).

@jpk: When you say, kids can easily open it, means they can open it withot twisting the nob to horizontal right? The lock can stay in locked position ( nob in vertical position ) but still door can be opened with just twisting the lever.

This particular model is a lever. With mine, you can open the door while the lock is locked.

You may want to post a link to the amazon page of the model you referring to.

Sorry, just edited main post.

Here this link will provide you a pic of both sides of the lock

I believe its the same lock, but this one seems open from inside even when locked ( without turning the nob to horizontal)

Looks dumb to me, this so called feature should be left on user. User should have access of some sort of settings or hardware based install change( or whatever ) to select if he locked ( via app-ST or manually by twisting nob to vertical position) then it stay locked and can’t be opened unless twisting the nob horizontal or opening via app.

This is typical of this sort of mechanism (i.e., a door level or knob with an inset lock setting, rather than a deadbolt).

So Yale is just conforming to the common functionality of such knobs - not really a “smart lock” issue here.

This design exists for convenience and safety.

If you need to reduce the ability to exit, then this is not an appropriate product for you. Add a deadbolt, or chain, or possibly some other brand(s) of knob locks will not follow this conventional function.

@tgauchat: Thanks

Does anyone knows any model which allows locking from inside? deadbolt or not,z-wave or zigbee, doesn’t matter but it has to have a lever and one piece(lever n lock combined in one piece) ? I mean I just have one hole on my door and doesn’t want to create another :slight_smile:

I think such things may be available outside North America - but are still rare to find “smart”.

They are a building/safety code violation in most regions of NA. It is a serious fire safety risk to be unable to unlock an egress from the inside.

@tgauchat: I’m at loss here. my house is just 3 years old. Literally all the locks in my home are such that, I need to turn the thumb/nob in horizontal position to unlock it.

Not sure how then it is not violation and what you are suggesting is?

That’s not been my experience with many similar models of locks, but I am not familiar with that many, nor am I a locksmith or home contractor.

I believe there is a much larger selection of smart deadbolts than lever locks, but also just a guess. If true, it will just be harder to find a single hole solution.

Google is your friend… Even if he takes a lot of patience.

Thank you.