Kwikset 912 lever lock always opens from inside?

I just installed a Kwikset 912 lever lock (z-wave) and noticed that I can open the door using the inside lever even if the door is locked. Can someone who has this lock confirm this behavior?

If this is normal, it puts a damper on my plan to use the manual unlock event to disarm SHM because people can just open the door from the inside without bothering with the manual lock mechanism. I won’t be able to distinguish opening from the inside vs “forced” entry from the outside.

Yup. It’s always unlocked from the inside. In my experience, that’s pretty normal behavior for non-deadbolt locks on outside doors. Maybe not overall I guess but I think that’s the way most of mine have worked.

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Thanks. This also means I have a cat that can leave my house whenever he decides. (I should be happy about that.)

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As long as it remembers to close the door when leaving.

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It looks like I’ll have to turn on the LED dip switch so it will flash red when locked. Then I’ll have to “educate” people to manually unlock the handle before they open the door because the flashing red LED will (indirectly) mean that the house alarm is armed and will go off.