Question about Harmony Home Control

(Nolan Gerald) #1

Hey there.

I only received my smart things package a few days ago so i’m still playing around with the features. Since I have a Samsung Smart TV I am really interested in getting the Harmony Home Hub.

I haven’t been able to find a list of exactly what it can control in regards to my TV so here is my question:

I have a peephole camera in my door that has a wireless connection to my TV. Since it’s integrate-able with Smart Things I was thinking of setting it up so that when someone knocks and triggers the multisensor, that it would automatically change my television to the input i have the camera on to see right away who is at the door on my TV. However, does anyone know if its possible to have harmony home hub open a ‘Picture In Picture’ automatically containing that camera input source.

Also does anyone know where i can find a list of exact functions the home hub can perform?


(Scott G) #2

I don’t think Harmony can handle your task. ST can only trigger activities in Harmony, not a macro. You might be able to mirror your normal Harmony activities and add the macro at the end of the activity sequence, but at best you’d have a lot of delay.

For that particular use case, you’d be better off with some type of IR controller that you can use to just trigger the PIP window. Try searching the forums.

(Edited to add: This response is for the PIP method. You could set up an activity for the camera with its input and have Harmony trigger that. Not sure the delay, but it should work. It would have its own issues though.)

(Nolan Gerald) #3

Ok thanks! I will give that a go and see what I come up with.