Controlling Harmony Hub from Smartthings?

Is there anyway to control the harmony hub from smartthings? All I’m finding is about using the harmony remote / hub to control your smartthings devices. What I’m trying to do is control the harmony hub from smartthings / smarttiles. Is this possible and if so how do I set it up?

You need to add Logitech Harmony Connect app to SmartThings You can’t control individual device actions, but you can start and stop Harmony activities directly and through SmartThings mode changes…


There’s an official integration that works in both directions.

When you add the harmony hub to your SmartThings account, it will also add a virtual switch for each of your existing harmony activities.

After that, you can turn on that activity just as you would turn on any switch in SmartThings.

But it’s all done at the activity level – – you don’t get granular control of the buttons on the Harmony remote. But you can definitely do things like having a SmartThings – controlled motion sensor turn on the TV, or having the TV come on to the news as you walk in the door in the evening. :sunglasses:


So I have had a harmony hub connected for a long time. I also have a different hub in my bedroom. Just got to thinking why I haven’t ever connected it to ST. I tried today via the smart app and it just never finds it. I made sure it was up to date and everything. Same wifi network. Same user account. I was even able to connect it the opposite way so I can control smarthings via the harmony app. Why won’t smartthings find this hub?