Question about Distance on Lowe's iris door sensor

(Todd Holleran) #1

I have a ST hub inside the living room of my home.

It currently operates an OSRAM lightyify bulb on the front porch and side entrance in addition to my living room lamp and a few outlets in the house .

Over the weekend I wanted to add a door sensor to the garage side door .

I picked up the IRIS one from Lowe’s for 22.99

I pair it with my St hub in the house and test for functionality in my hands and it seemed to work great .

Once I installed it on the garage door it didn’t seem to report its status on the ST app anymore .

I am assuming that this is caused by the distance from the ST hub .

So last night I decided to replace one of my flood light with an OSRAM lightyify flood bulb to help split the difference in distance from house to garage .

Still no updates when I open and close the garage door .

Should I look for a better door sensor that might have more range ?

Any information would be great


(Mark) #2

I believe there’s a known issue with osram lightify bulbs not working well as zigbee repeaters, so that could be the reason it didn’t help.

However, when you add a device that repeats zigbee signals on your network (any device), you should unplug the hub for at least 15 minutes, which forces your zigbee devices to update the mesh. It may take hours for a change to become noticeable but this could help.

If the osram floodlight isn’t working well as a repeater, then adding a different repeater, like a zigbee plugin module, would be the next step.

It’s possible getting a different door sensor would fix the issue but I doubt it. The main thing you want to do is ensure you have a good zigbee mesh so all the signals are getting back and forth.

(Todd Holleran) #3

OK I will try what you recommended .

I don’t have an option to plug an outlet repeater outside , cause they aren’t water proof

(Jimmy) #4

Also make sure the new flood light is constantly powered. I.e. Make sure the switch for it is always turned on.

(Todd Holleran) #5

Yes they are constant on

(Todd Holleran) #6

Repaired network worked perfectly for me .

Thank you so much