Distance from hub?

Newbie here, sorry in advance for asking a dumb question!

Some of my osram lightify bulbs won’t connect to the ST hub, and they are the ones the farthest from the hub, so I assume it is a distance issue. What is the easiest solution without moving the hub? Would it be possible to buy a gateway, place that is a centric location, and sort of bridge the hub to the bulbs in the back of the house?

In a mesh network, which includes both the Z wave and zigbee that smartthings uses, any mains powered device can act as a “repeater” passing along messages for other devices using the same protocol. So your Osram light bulbs should all pass along messages for each other. You will probably need one about every 40 to 50 feet. So most likely all you’ll need to do is move a bulb or two into the middle of your chain. :sunglasses::bulb::bulb:

The Following FAQ will explain (this is a clickable link)


Also, if by wont connect to your hub you mean you can’t get them to pair, understand that information during the pairing process will not repeat. The bulb will have to be in close proximity to the hub to pair. I have always paired my bulbs near the hub and then moved the bulbs to their desired locations. Once paired performe a Zigbee heal so that the message routing tables can get rebuilt.

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Thank you both! I ended up moving the lamp near the hub, resetting the bulb, and then it connected! :sunglasses:

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Glad to hear it!

If after you move it to the desired location on the other side of the house it then loses connection with the hub, the first step is a “zigbee heal,” as @PhilB suggested. Fortunately, this is really easy to do for zigbee devices.

First pair all the devices close to the hub.

Then after they are successfully paired and show up in your things list, move them to their desired location.

Then take the hub off of power (including removing any batteries) while leaving the bulbs on power. Leave the hub off-line for at least 15 minutes. This will be long enough for each of the bulbs to go into “panic mode” because they can’t find the hub.

Now when you put the hub back on power, each of the individual bulbs Will update its own neighbor table, which is what tells the bulb the best way to send messages back to the hub.

If you don’t do the heal after physically moving the bulbs, then they won’t know who their true neighbors are, and they may get confused about the best route to choose to send their messages.

It can take the individual bulbs a while to do this update, so you might not see the improvements until the next day. :sunglasses:

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You are an st genius! :blush: After moving the lamp back to the bedroom, started having issues… I’m taking the hub off power right now to reset the bulbs. Thanks for the tips!!!

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If you do the heal, you wait a day, and the connection issue still aren’t resolved when the lamps are in the bedroom, then you may need to go to the second step, which is adding an additional repeating device (which can just be another bulb) halfway between the bedroom and the next set of bulbs. And then doing another zigbee heal.

But hopefully the first zigbee heal will fix the issues for you. :sunglasses: