Query ST mode from IFTTT?

There are existing IFTTT applets that allow you to call your phone if a door is opened. What I’d like to do is create something similar but only initiate a phone call if the ST mode is set to Night or Asleep. Does anyone know if there is a way to use IFTTT to determine the current ST mode? I see you can write code that filters a trigger but have no idea how to talk to ST from IFTTT. Does anyone have suggestions as to a better approach? Can WebCore initiate a phone call? I’ve just started to “look under the ST hood” and don’t yet understand how best to approach this one.

You could create a simulated switch that core turns on when the mode changes, then have ifttt call if that switch turns on

Sam, thank you. You pointed me in the right direction and I was able to get things working. In case others have a similar need:

I used directions that @JDRoberts posted a few years back to create a virtual switch: FAQ: Creating a virtual Device
I then created an IFTTT applet that calls me if the virtual switch is turned on.
I then used Lighting Automation to create a rule that turns the virtual switch on if the door I’m monitoring is opened and the mode is Night

I added the IFTTT phone number to the list of contacts that can bypass my phone’s Do Not Disturb setting so I’ll get the call if someone opens the door when I’m asleep and my phone is on DnD.

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