Get Smart Home Monitoring notifications in my third party app

In the SmartThings-BMW post ( there is a sentence saying BMW can "get important alerts about what’s happening in and around your home through the Smart Home Monitor feature of SmartThings–all on your BMW in-car display.”

How is is possible? I did not found info about the Smart Home Monitor integration in the latest doc.

If I have an iOS app which connecting the the SmartThings system using a Web Service SmartApp, how can i get the Smart Home Monitor notifications?

Thank you for your help!!

There is no official SHM integration available to Community Developers. SmartThings is keeping this proprietary for monetization purposes.

However if you look for a post I made in the past 24 hours, you’ll find the current unofficial way that might work.

@tgauchat: Thanks for your response! You mean this post: Getting the SHM status through the API
There is any way to get all of the Smart Home Notifications not only the status (Away, Stay, Off)?

I don’t think so. There ought to be an Event to subscribe to, but as mentioned, SmartThings isn’t sharing an API for Smart Home Monitor.

The point is they don’t want Developers to bypass the revenue opportunities that come from up selling of SHM add-on services (Scout, etc.).