Qubino 1d flush - fireplace question

I bought a Qubino 1d flush relay for my fireplace and have the zwave portion working great, the challenge I have now is figuring out how, or if I can still use the standard light switch to turn it on/off. I’ve read the manual and can’t figure it out. Does anyone know if this can be done?

Is this a light’s only fireplace or one with a gas-log? Basically, what are you trying to turn on and off? Something decorative or something that can burn your house down?

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It is a natural gas fireplace with a blower. Before doing anything I could turn on/off with a standard light switch connected to the low voltage wires.

I got the qubino module, got it power and took the wires from the switch into the module (removed the switch).

I can turn the fireplace on/off now with the module! The device has a I1 and I2 connectors and I thought I could wire my switch to those so I could turn on/off via zwave OR the switch.

Looking to see if anyone has been able to still control locally.

Most building codes prohibit you from controlling a fireplace except with a control that works within line of site. So, a physical switch or an IR remote. The quibino you are using violates building code and would most likely void your home owner’s insurance. Plus, if you’ve ever had lights turn on unexpectedly with ST, would you want the same to happen with a fireplace? Not a good idea man. My suggestion, remove the Quibino and put the switch back.

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I’ll double check my policy but I’m not too worried about it. I keep the gas off the vast majority of the time, the fireplace will shut off if it gets too hot and the outlets under it powering everything are on their own on/off manual switch.

The qubino also let’s me do off as a default state if power is lost and so far I haven’t had any random on events for any of my zwave devices.

I have 2 fireplaces using this same Qubino and works beautifully, you can use a regular switch but I recommend getting this Zooz Momentary Switch, it wil work much better as you don’t have to worry about the position of the switch.

Connect the switch between L and I1. If using the momentary switch set the input 1 type to mono-stable, if using a regular switch to by-stable

Also, for safety I recommend setting it to:

  • “ALL ON is not active, ALL OFF is active”, this is for Z-wave commands.

  • State of the relay after power failure: OFF

  • Automatic turning off after: 7200 sec. This is 2 hours, you can use whatever you want here but I use this in case I forget to leave it on, it will auto Off, if that happens and I still want it then I just ask Google to turn it ON again for another 2 hours…

I think with these settings it is now safer than before…

I also recently bought the temperature sensor accessory and was planning to add a rule so if it gets too hot turn the fireplace off and notify me for added safety, but for the sensor to be recognized I need to exclude and re-include the qubino and have not done it yet…


You can also turn any decora style switch into a Momentary switch for a lot less than $8.

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This is exactly what I was after! One more question, for the switch which terminals do you connect it to? I1 and L?

So far testing is looking good!

I had this before and sure works but the switches do not feel great after that, sometimes I had to hit hard to get them to work (maybe I didn’t do it right)… For $8 these work and feel perfect, I ended replacing them and happy…

Yes I1 and L…

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This helped me out a ton thanks!

Thanks! My plan is to rock my entire fireplace wall and remove the “light switch” control. Instead I want to get a really small button to put on the backside of a picture or the TV that will hang above it.

I’ve done it to a bunch of switches and they work perfectly. Gotta be careful about the spring on the back of the faceplate. If it’s not in he groove right the switch can be a pain to use.

Yes, I probably didn’t do it right, does not surprise me… :yum:

Could someone post the wiring diagram for this configuration?