Qubino Flush 1 Relay

Hello. I’m new to Home Automation. Thank you for this lovely forum and sharing your knowledge.

I have a Qubino Flush 1 Relay that I would like to install behind a light switch (Live, Load, and Neutral wires are present)

Is the Qubino only for outlets? I’ve watched a video about wiring a switch, but I don’t see a load wire from the wall in the video.

If anyone has a photo or a video of successfully wiring a qubino relay behind a switch, I would really appreciate it. I’m including a photo of my original switch plus what I did that didn’t work.

Thank you

More info… I think my issue is due to three switches operating the same set of lights.

When wired to the original switch, both brown wires show current and both red wires show no current whether the switch is on or off.

If I unplug the red wires, the light is always on when the original switch is toggled.

When the switch is not attached, only one brown wire carries a current.

I think I will leave my hall light alone and go play somewhere else.

This device is designed to control one light at a time, so in case of a setup like this you should wire neutral to N contact, live to L contact on the device and also wire the switch to connect/break the live line that goes into the I1 contact.

So, when you’ll activate the physical switch the live current will go into I1 and when it’s not active no live current will go into I1.

The device also supports some other wiring via specific configuration settings, but for that you’ll have to look into the device’s manual.

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