QS-Zigbee-D02 Device Hander for 2 Gangs dimmer

Looking for some help to connect and control both gangs of Zigbee Dimmer module QS-Zigbee-D02.
No problem to control 1st gang via the build-in integrated Device Handler : “Zigbee Dimmer”. I want to control the 2nd gang as well. Ideas ? Can anyone use the Groovy code for single channel and convert it to multiple channel . The Groovy code can be found here :

That’s another variation of the tuya zigbee Switch. I know you’ve been active in some of those threads, have you had a chance to look at the following:

Can’t find anything like “Zigbee Dimmer Multi”. All I can find is what I squared in red:

Correct, I don’t think one has been provided. But the two people in that other thread have been trying to build one, so you might see how far they have gotten.

Any luck with 2 gang / both gangs? Do you have working DTH or Edge driver?
Or… Do you have fingerprints?

I think that you own something like this.

Im also interested…

Take a look here:

Seems like a working multi dimmer solution