Qolsys IQ Panel

Vecto13 Have you experienced anymore issues since the last time you linked the IQ2 and the SmartThings hub?

Yes still having issues. I can’t get the two devices to stay consistently
paired with the IQ2 as the primary and the ST as the secondary controller.
It appears to work for a very short amount of time (hours?) then the IQ
panel drops my ST hub from the network.

Hi, I just began using ST and would like to link it to my IQ2 panel. Where would I start?


You would start by telling what exactly you’d like to do.

It is fairly easy to register IQ2 panel as secondary to ST hub.

Thanks for responding.
I currently have 3 separate systems operating in my home:

  • my iq2 panel alarm system
  • my ST app that currently controls lighting in a few rooms.
  • my blue iris video surveillance that monitors the exterior of my home.

I was hoping to interegrate as much of my current system, mentioned above into one interface that I could expand on in the future.

Thanks for any guidance you may be able to offer.

Ah…you’re in my world now - I just integrated them all together (well, almost)!

  • Alarm.com integration with ST is described here
  • You’ll have to use ST IDE and this repo
  • IQ2 - set it up as secondary Z-Wave controller
  • You will have to name all of the devices in IQ2 - names do not transfer, unfortunately
  • For Blue Iris integration, you’ll have to follow this thread (very carefully)
    For Alarm.com (IQ2) and BI integration, perhaps you can use triggers (IFTTT)? Let’s say if the alarm goes off and you get SMS, IFTTT can record certain cameras? This is the part that I haven’t figured out yet.

Thanks! I’ll jump into it this evening.

So I was able to integrate my alarm.comhttp://alarm.com arm and disarm functions through ST per your guidance, but I am not sure how I add my IQ2 as a secondary controller.

I’m not home now, but you’d search for new devices in ST and then, under installer zwave settings add it as a secondary.

I’ll be home tomorrow and will confirm the exact steps.

When you say “search for new devices in ST” is that the same as “add a thing” on the mobile app? Also where would I find the zwave setting? On my IQ2 panel? And finally should I uncheck the box that says, “primary controller” under the wave section on the IQ2?

Sorry, didn’t get a chance to get to it earlier.

In IQ2:

  • Settings -->
  • Advanced Settings -->
  • Installation -->
  • Devices -->
  • Z-Wave Devices -->
  • Z-Wave settings -->
  • Uncheck Primary Controller

Go back

  • Click Add/Remove Controller


  • Add new device/thing

No problem, you’ve been very helpful. I’ll try to get it configured this evening.


I stumbled on this set of steps after setting up my new panel a couple of days ago. But I was wondering if I can do the reverse so that I can see all the RF sensors as devices in SmartThings?

I don’t think so, unfortunately. The communication between the panel and ST is for Z-Wave devices only.

What would be nice, however, is ability to capture the alarm events in the handler to trigger ST actions.

Ok, I was able to get the zwave controller added last night. My next question is do I need to remove or delete my current lights or “things” in my ST app then reinstall them?

No, you don’t. Your IQ2 panel should have picked up the existing Z-Wave devices from ST.

I haven’t figured out how what to do when I add a new device to ST, as it does not propagate automatically to IQ2.

Ok, my devices were no picked up. But I am not 100% sure they are “Z Wave”. They’re a few GE light bulbs I’ve had for a while. Will I need to get “Z wave” bulbs?

IQ2 supports Z-Wave only…How do your GE bulbs appear in ST?

Oh, ok. Initially I believe when I searched for new “things” it found “GE Bulbs”. I renamed them so I’m not 100% certain, but they’ve been working fine. I thought if it was in ST I could get it integrated into my IQ2

They could be Zigbee like this

Z-Wave like this