Q70R showing as Offline in SmartThings

Hi, I managed to connect my Q70R to my SmartThings app some months ago, unfortunately my router then failed and TalkTalk (my ISP) has supplied one of their own units. I’ve set the new router up with the same SSID and password and everything in the house has reconnected except the Q70R soundbar. The original entry is still displayed in my Android SmartThings app, but it says it’s offline. I’ve switched the soundbar on and pressed the little switch underneath to attempt a fix. But nothing is detected by WiFI direct on my Galaxy Note 9 or SmartThings, even though my phone is picking up a neighbours printer!

What can I try next please?

have you tried deleting the device from ST and re-adding it?

Oh wow, you’re a star! That’s done it. Many thanks.

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