Push notifications on android Samsung Note 5?

For some reason I do not get any notifications from ST on my Note5. I would like to receive a notification when the front door is open/closed for instance. I see people on YouTube have iPhones and receive quick notifications.

All my settings are set to allow, I double checked. Any advice/help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Where are you checking? In the ST app itself and/or in Settings > More > Application manager? Those are a good place to start troubleshooting, but remember that ST notifications come from the ST cloud, not the ST app itself. The app is only the receiver of the message.

Push notifications on Android are handled by GCM (Google Cloud Messaging). If your device is rooted, verify that the SmartThings C2D (Cloud to Device) permissions have not been revoked. If you’re not rooted (or even if you are), it might be easier to just uninstall and then reinstall the SmartThings app. You won’t lose any device configurations as a result of doing so, but it will for sure eliminate the possibility of anything wrong with the app. If you still have problems after all this, I’d suggest opening a support ticket (or use the live chat… either from http://support.smartthings.com or within the app). GL!