Push notification when status changes with status

(Gene Clark) #1

Is there a way to create a piston that sends a push notification every time the status changes which will also include what the current status is in the notification? Right now I’m using a smart app to notify me of changes, but it doesn’t include the status.

(Chris) #2

Sure, add a new Basic piston like the following:

    [presence sensor] changes
    using location, send push notification "{$currentEventDevice} is {$currentEventValue}"

This will produce a push notification that says “So-and-so is present” or “So-and-so is not present”

Alternately, you could do something like this with a Simple piston where you enter your own text:

    [presence sensor] is present
    using location, send push notification "So-and-so arrived at home"
    using location, send push notification "So-and-so left home"

(Gene Clark) #3

My apologies for not being more clear - I was actually looking for notifications about the location status.

(Chris) #4

Ah ok. Try this then. $locationMode is a system variable in CoRE that shows the current mode.

    [presence sensor] changes
    using location, send push notification "mode is {$locationMode}"

(Gene Clark) #5

How do I set the variable? Do I need to first put it into the global variables section?

(Robin) #6

It’s a system variable, so it’s already set.

Just add:


To your notification or message.

(Gene Clark) #7

Thank you so much!

(Gene Clark) #8

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what other system variables are available to use?

(Robin) #9

When viewing a piston, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a list of system variables and their current values.