Send device status in push notifications

I have a piston that sends out a push notification that says “The mode is set to {locationmode}”. This works great but is there a way I can have a devices status sent in the notification as well. For example

“The mode is set to {locationmode}. The front door is {front door is locked or unlocked”?

In the same notification, you can add Front door is {[FrontDoorDeviceName:contact]}

You can list a cability of any device in the format [Device:capability] i.e. [FrontDoorSensor:contact]

If you are interesting in expaning your notification. Check out the webcore forum, this is a neat idea that a community member came up with. I have modified to include a light section and brief weather forecast for the day. You could add a contacts section, following the battery example, save all open contacts to a list and have the notification include that list.

My Front Door lock is named “Front Door” in smartthings but when I try to use {[FrontDoor]} it says “invalid device variable FrontDoor”. Where do I find the full name of the device? I’ve looked in website, the online ide, and I can’t seem to find it.

If it has a space in the name, you need to put the device name exactly how it’s named inside the brackets.

{[Front Door:lock]} did the trick. Thanks for your help! I just assumed spaces weren’t ok. I was wrong!

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