Blue Iris + SmartThings Push Notifications + ReaditToMe Integration (Android)

Hello. I’ve read through the forums and most solutions are overkill for me. I do not want to integrate live video into my ST setup. Instead, I only want Blue Iris to send push notifications when it detects motion (“Motion Detected on the Driveway”) to my Android phone via ST and I will use the ReadIttoMe App ( to read aloud the alert when I am home and away.

I have two HikVision 12mp panoramic cameras with 6 channels active between them. Blue Iris displays and records the video streams perfectly, and I consistently receive motion detection alerts through my PC speakers. When I am away from home, I can access the camera streams remotely (WiFi and cellular) through Tiny Cam Pro (

I have ST properly configured on my phone and successfully use it to turn things on/off and receive push notifications when I am home and away (cellular and WiFi).

ReadItToMe properly handles and reads other ST push notifications when I am home and away (cellular and WiFi).

I believe I need to use Blue Iris’ “Request from a Web Service” to somehow talk to ST when it detects motion, but I cannot find just these instructions. Can someone who understands what I am trying to do here provide detailed instructions, please? I would be very appreciative. Thank you.

PS: I have Sonos speakers also playing ST alerts but the benefit of this Android-based system is its portability (works at home and away), significantly lower cost, and the ability to re-purpose old devices.

Thank you. I will attempt this. I am new to utilizing apps, so if there are any implied tasks newbies like me likely miss, I’d appreciate anyone spelling them out for me.

Thanks again for the reply.