Purchased dead V3 hub for repair. Need help

Hi, I have recently purchased a second hand V3 hub. Previous owner claims the unit died after having connected a 10V supply instead of a 5V supply, and I intend to repair it. But it didn’t seem as obvious as I had hoped. So far I have only opened the enclosure to look at the circuit board.

This should be a simple fix with a soldering iron I imagine, but can anyone point out which are the capacitor and diodes that are likely blown? Will update the post later today with images of the circuitboard.

Update: I have reviewed the similar post for V2 hub, but the circuit is totally different on V3 and not comparable.

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Lol, if there is no built-in fuse that blew, you are going to need the full board schematics and an oscilloscope to work on that repair.

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Good thing I got it cheap then. Hoping for some more costructive responses.

When I connect 5 VDC the voltage is drawn towards zero, so seem like one of the components are creating a short circuit. could be a diode or capacitor between + and -. Any guidance is highly appreciated.

Looks like the hope is out.

I tried removing the regular diode and Zener diode close to the power plug, but it seems the problem lies further into the circuit. There is a short circuit somewhere. I suspect the 3V3 buck regulator, but the SMD footprint is so small i cannot be bothered replacing it.

How do you open the enclosure? I didn’t see any screws behind…