Proper procedure to remove a hub?

What is the proper procedure for removing a hub from an account so that it can be added to a new account without issue?

Edit for clarification: It’s a V3 hub under my moms account. She is moving in with me and I want to remove the devices on her hub and move her hub to my account as a 2nd hub.

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If you want the devices connected to the hub to also go to the new account, then I would reach out to smartthings support if they can tag the new account to the hub and remove the current one. Might be easy if they can do this.

If not, I can only think of manually deleting the devices first under it first, removing locations etc., removing it from the current account, adding it to the new account and adding the devices.

May be, someone else can provide better options.

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If it’s a V2 hub, you will need the “welcome code” that came on a card in the box when you originally bought it. If you don’t have that code, there’s no place you can look it up, you’ll have to contact support and send them a picture of the underside of the hub with the serial number and then they can help you. So that particular situation is always a pain.

If you do have the welcome code for a V2, or it’s any other model, moving the hub itself to a new account is just a matter of deleting it from the old account and factory resetting it. It should then be ready to add to a new account.

However, if you are asking if you can bring along any hub-connected devices like Zigbee or Zwave, I’m not aware of any way to do that. :thinking: hopefully, if someone knows they will post.