Proper lock for current door/situation

I’m about to buy a house with an entry door handle/lock like this:

I am just wondering if anyone can recommend a smart locking device that will work well. Can I use any of the deadbolt-replacement types? I want to be able to hook it to the SmartThings hub and control remotely.

I use a Yale Real Living on my entry door with a handle like that except mine are bronze. What I had to do was buy a combo door handle/deadbolt & just toss out the deadbolt part & use my smart one.

Those are just simple deadbolts so any smart deadbolt should be a drop in replacement.

Only issue I’ve had with my entry door is proper clearance for the bolt itself. With mine I have French style doors (two doors, one is fixed the other opens). The fixed door gives a little (since you can open it too by unlocking it), so the bolt jams at times. I fixed this by filing out the hole a little bigger than normal to allow for the play.

I have installed the NEW SmartCode™ 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt with HomeConnect™ technology which has a smaller interface than equivalent z-wave enabled locks. Works immediately with ST hub and Lock Code Manager.