Project Idea: Calendar/Weather Forecast (events and auto-schedule)

Project Idea.

I hardly believe this isnt already in existance because it seems like fantastic integration of a few services, but this is what I’ve imagined;

You add “Hot Tub” to your google calendar for 10pm and smartthings starts warming it up a few hours ahead to be hot on time.

The weather is going to be 75 and breezy on Saturday so smartthings adds a suggestion to go “sailing” to your calendar.

It’s going to be 97 and calm when youre free so it suggests kayaking or the beach.

Written simply enough, its useful for scheduling your interests or warning you about weather conflicts or planning when to cut the grass.

Excellent for the vacation home.

Sure, its easy enough to check your calender and then check the weather forecast and then adjust your hot tub or the cabin’s climate control… but this is a really simple set of nested IFs.

Is there a future weather forecast tile we could use with CoRE, what about a Calender integration?

WebCORE has Wunderground’s API built into it

Not sure about calendar though


Through IFTTT integration and WebCore I have my setup speak to me when a calendar event is approaching and when it starts. Depending on what calendar you meant, you could query the Microsoft Graph (if using office 365) and that would return a whole host of info from your calendar.

Calendar integration via this?

I use this to control some automations based on work schedules and such. It has a hidden attribute that you could use in Core to trigger a contact prior to the event. I could never get it to work in Webcore. Haven’t had time to figure it out.

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Awesome, I hadnt seen either of these but it looks like they might work to put something like this together. I’ll work on it and report back! Thanks!

Tasker has a plug in that can write events to your Google calendar. I use it with another Tasker plugin to read a calendar event and write another event back to the calendar.

So possibly use Webcore to monitor the weather, have it set a virtual contact. Have that work with sharptools to get the signal into Tasker. Have Tasker write a event to your calendar. Maybe even set a reminder via Tasker?

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Nowadays this can be done throug variety of ways. Google calender or Yahoo calender. Microsofts Calendar has proven to meet all the needs. My employees have Enterprise E5 to Auto schedule of events or weather forecast can be at one place with innovative add-ons from MS store.