Programmable In-Wall Light Switch for 2 Devices

There are two devices community members typically use for this situation.

The first is the Leviton VRCS2 two button switch which is a wired in wall two button switch. It looks like it will be perfect for use cases like this, the problem is that it is an absolute bear to pair correctly so that each button works.

The second is the battery operated SmartenIT ZBWS3B 3 toggle switch combined with smart bulbs like the $15 GE link. This can be wall mounted or left flat on a nightstand. Works great, but you may not like the form factor as well.

A third alternative, although not as popular, is to install the SmartenIT zigbee dual relay in the switch box. This has the advantage of being on the official “works with SmartThings” list. The disadvantage is that it may not fit in the box. And in your case it might need significant rewiring to bring the nightstand circuit to the switch box. So I’d look at the other two first.