Program Wallmote and GoControl Wireless remote switch

I’m trying to use a GoControl Wireless Remote switch ( and/or Aotech Wallmote ( to control lights. I want a “panic button” type thing to turn on all my exterior floodlights.

I have them connected/linked to my hub but can’t figure out how to configure them. They will only appear as one “switch” (should be two per device plus dimmer controls (not that I need/want to be able to dim).

If I set up a Smart Lighting program and select one of these devices as the “switch” to activate it does not give me an option to select which button to use (just yes or no for the device) and when I select the device it does not seem to work to control the program.

Not sure how to set up “scenes” to turn on and off…

Neither of these devices will be treated as a switch by SmartThings.

Instead, they both use Z wave “central scene commands,” which on the SmartThings platform means they will be treated as a “button controller” where each central scene ID will be viewed as a different button being pressed.

In order to get access to those button presses, you will need to use a custom device type handler.

But before we go any farther down that path, we need to ask which version of the SmartThings mobile app you are using. The smartthings classic mobile app does support custom device type handlers. Unfortunately, at the present time the newer “Smartthings ( Samsung connect)” Mobile app does not. Also, the two apps have different rules engines, which changes how you will act on the button information if it is available.

So the short answer to your question is that you need to be using the appropriate device type handler for each device in order to expose the “button” information.

The much much longer answer about how you will select and set up the appropriate device type handler depends on the exact configuration you are using, including which version of the mobile app you have.

Thank you very much!

The bad news (may be good if I need an older version) is I am using a Windows phone and they no longer support the app for them. My version is 1.7.28140.0

My wife has an iPhone and her version is 2.16.1 (1437) so I can use either…

I also have the web control (, but I understand they don’t support Window Operating systems, so this is also not updated.

OK, you will need to use the iPhone with the “SmartThings classic” app.

I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to about “web control,” but the IDE, which is the web interface to your SmartThings account, will work through just about any web browser, so that should be OK. You can even use it through Safari on your iPhone, although the tiny screen is hard to work with.

Start by reading the FAQ on custom code. It will explain the terminology and the basic concepts.

Then go to the community – created wiki, and look on the quick browse lists in the DTH section for the lists for “remotes and buttons” or maybe the list for lighting. Anyway, one of those should have at least one custom DTH for the devices you were looking for. (This paragraph will make more sense after you’ve read the FAQ)

Then just go to that thread and follow those instructions. If you have any problems, ask follow on questions in the thread where you get the code. :sunglasses:

Once you have the right DTH and the device assigned to it, the buttons will appear in the official smartlighting feature, and webcore, and in many other smart apps which support button controllers.

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Thank you A TON! Seems crazy to have to go through all that to get it work (should be “plug and play”) but it works now.
By “web control” I think I meant the IDE (not sure what that stands for) but the Smartthings site where you log in and can add device handlers etc.