Will this button work? (GoControl WA00Z)

Will this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BKWG9XS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_8ADRJMC42Q30B8TA9PNR?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 easly work with smart things? Or do I need to do anything special? I need to set up a routine so I can press a button before I go to sleep and a button when I wake up. It’s either this or two separate Aqara buttons it seems. But Aqara also doesn’t have an option in smart things for adding products.

Some of the Aqara stuff can be added to ST, but you’ll likely need a DTH set up in the IDE. You will not find it by brand or device going through the ST mobile app. You’ll need to use the “scan nearby” option to add them.

The other option besides 2 buttons or that GoControl device is to just have one button and single press for when you wake up and double press or long press when you go to bed (or whatever combination works well for you).

There are many button devices discussed in the community (too many to list here), but I personally use some older Iris buttons (hard to find now), ST’s button (now Aeotec), as well as Aeotec’s older Minimotes.

On eBay you can still get the Iris buttons that can single press for actions or long press for actions. A package of 5 is going for around $33. I’ve bought from one of those sellers and have never had an issue. Forget about the ST button on eBay because people are asking a crazy price for them right now.

Yeah I don’t want to double click and triple click and all this I want 2 bottoms that does 2 different things.j will look at those

I have two of them running.

this listing has inside pictures:

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That first one for $10 looks perfect for what I need. Now I know that some products require extra work to get them working, what do I need to do in order to get smart things to treat this like 2 buttons that can run 2 different scenes?

Ther is also this one. It looks like a normal switch

Looks good if you are just using basic Bulbs, but im using philips hue. the point of these 2 buttons is to be able to go to Night mode (Turn on ac, turn off lights e.t.c) to day mode (turn on lights, turn off sound machine e.t.c) so i figure a third of the price button is better, i dont need a switch for that. i do want to mount a switch next to my light switch on my desk, so i might consider that as the switch to turn on and off my AC once i figure out a solution for adding it to smart things.