Professional monitoring services for Smartthings 2023

As of 2023, can someone provide any related articles for a recommended professional monitoring service integration with ST? That’s if one even exists? I have been using ST for over 6yrs and want to take my system one step further with professional monitoring. However, if there is no straight forward means of doing so (no jumping through a 1000 hoops), then it might be time to throw in the towel on ST and move to another vendor like ADT+Google.

There aren’t any at the present time which would meet the UL standard for security systems.

The closest is probably the combination of and Noom, but in that one, there’s still no battery back up, and all notifications still go via the Internet, not cellular.

A popular low cost option is to get the ring security system (which is UL listed on its own), and then get some integration through Alexa routines. But the cost of this will be going up next year for many people, because the Alexa Guard feature, which used to include free integration between ring security and Alexa routines, is now going to an add on paid subscription structure.

Amazon to change Alexa Guard features, begin requiring paid subscription

There are also some community members who use abode as their primary security system with and Ifttt integration to Smartthings.

Here’s a fairly recent discussion thread about these options:

Opinions on monitored security with ST and lots of zwave/zigbee? (2023)

And here’s a thread from last month which discussed the differences between smartthings and a UL listed security system:

Security system arming delay when using STHM? - #7 by JDRoberts

But again, the short answer is that smartthings is good for convenience notifications, but not a good match for most people as a primary security system.


@JDRoberts summarizes what many of the earlier SmartThings adopters discovered: something else is better for a security system that you depend upon. We all hoped for years to “make it work.” I finally caved in a few years ago and got a SimpliSafe setup. It is pretty elementary, but has the prerequisites JD mentioned, including cellular connection, battery backup, centralized monitoring center, etc. You’ll likely need an alarm permit with your local law enforcement group–essentially it is registering your location in their dispatch system and making sure you have something that meets minimal requirements.

SimpliSafe’s advertising is abominable, in my opinion. But the system is basic, works, and won’t break the bank. Previously I had ADT at almost three times the price for monthly monitoring costs. YMMV, of course!