Central Station Security Monitoring?

I’m wondering if the hub can connect to a central station for monitoring?
The idea of self-monitoring is a non-starter for my wife in the case of home intrusion or fire.

The hub is not able to directly connect to a central station at this time, but however it is possible to integrate monitored alarm systems to SmartThings (see here, here, and here.) Sorry if this is a let down for you, but it’s just not something that makes sense to add to the SmartThings product at this time.
Keep in mind that you can always set it up to send texts to family members and friends as well as set of sirens, etc.
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Because ST can send text notifications it’s theoretically possible for you to purchase monitoring service on your own. That said, I don’t know of any UL listed monitoring service that would accept it because it’s not a real text message–both your power and your internet have to be working or no message will be sent.

Everyone has their own requirements for peace of mind. For me personally, my 3 minimum requirements for a security system for potentially life-threatening events are:

  1. that it operate even if power and Internet are down
  2. that it be professionally monitored 24/7 by a UL listed service authorized to call 911 in my area
  3. that it contact the monitoring service by cellular, not Internet.

That lets SmartThings out on all counts. So I pay a monthly fee for a separate security system, and use SmartThings for home automation convenience cases.

But other people absolutely hate paying a monthly fee, so they make other choices.

If you’re interested in a separate less expensive DIY installation alarm system with central monitoring options, Scout, Simplisafe, and Frontpoint are all popular. Each has different features, so compare carefully. None integrate directly with SmartThings at this time. However, if you choose one that has an IFTTT channel, it becomes very easy to have your security system also trigger some SmartThings events (assuming the Internet is still working) if that’s of interest.

But again different people will make different choices.

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Thank you for the detailed response!

IMO, these are quite expensive. Take a look at low-cost UL listed services such as AlarmRelay and NextAlarm. You can probably get what you need for ~$10/mo. You can use any mainstream panel (DSC, Honeywell/Ademco, GE, etc.) For hardware, see HomeSecurityStore or one of its many competitors, or once you’ve learned the ropes, just shop Amazon, eBay, etc…

If your system speaks IP (in addition to cellular backup), you can use its sensors as inputs to ST and may also be able to arm, disarm and bypass zones via ST.

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