Getting started- security, hub- need lots of simple advice

Looking into security and home automation asap- looks like this sort of thing may be the best investment.(long story short- my husband left is last week, so I’m feeling rushed)
I’ve never hooked up or wired anything in my life but like to think I can follow instructions well and I’m feeling determined right now :slight_smile:

so here’s where I’m at;

-I got fiber internet installed yesterday. Yay! It’s uverse so that’s the router I have, don’t know if that makes a difference.
-I have a late 90s wired adeco security system (we’ve never monitored). I won’t have a phone line. Id like to somehow “convert” this to integrate with ST app if possible. If not, I’m fine buying new sensors if I have to.
-Id like the option to somehow get it professionally monitored for $20/mo or less. No ADT :wink: I’ve got mixed feelings on having cellular backup, but if possible I’d opt for that.
-I just ordered a schlage Camelot electronic deadbolt I want to connect
-Id like to put flood lights outside that will go off during the day (I have ones now that have no daylight/motion sensor- so I could put ‘smart’ bulbs in those old basic bases, right? And control them with an app?)
-I’ve considered going with IRIS Bc the monitoring option- but reviews have scared me away and not sure that’s the best long term plan.

I’m open to all advice- I want to get this done asap- I’m nervous in my house at night :slight_smile: if I should put in another category please let me know.

Thank you all!

Look up @heythisisnate’s product, pronto!

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Yes! But…it’s still not shipping… I have talked to them on their Facebook page. my need to have this done asap is stressing me about that… :frowning:

The $45 diy kit currently on there… I think I could be ok w 6 sensors (three doors, motion sensor, siren, a window) to start. I’m a little concerned I can’t figure out what to do with it to hook it up though. And is that what I need?
How does that connect with ST? I’ve not quite grasped it…

Hey Amanda,
Check out my YouTube channel and I think it’ll answer your questions. My latest couple videos go into detail about the setup:


Are you trying to avoid ADT specifically for some reason? Or is it that their monitoring plans are usually more expensive than what you want to pay?

SmartThings still offers a monitored security plan with Scout, but it uses the built-in Smart Home Monitor feature, and it’s really not that reliable as a security system.

The new ST-ADT hub does offer central monitoring and cellular backup, and although you’d have a pretty pricey initial investment with the hardware (it’s a new hub and you have to use new proprietary sensors too), the monthly cost is in line with what you’re looking to pay.

As others have mentioned, Konnected is a great option for making use of the wired sensors and panel that you already have.


Both startup costs and monthly monitoring costs make adt not an option.

The security monitoring with ADT is $25 a month, not that bad imo. But the initial costs to outfit your home with the sensors is ridiculous.

I’m not sure you’ll find many plans that include central monitoring for less than 20 bucks a month, but I haven’t extensively researched that myself.

Just know that SmartThings is a web based solution, so any security depends on your internet connection and their cloud both being stable. So if you’re going to use SmartThings for security, you’ll want other “layers” of security. In my case I do use SmartThings for self monitored security, but also have a locally recording Blue Iris video camera system and a Ring doorbell.