Problems with Location Mode subscriptions on legacy apps?

Over the last few days there have been reports from webCoRE users that pistons triggered by Location Mode changes have stopped firing.

This evening a user reported that ActionTiles was not responding to Location Mode changes.

I’m not seeing the problem on ActionTiles and I don’t have webCoRE installed, but those sound rather like the same issue to me.

yep, have the same issue, w/ some custom apps. Interestingly enough the mode change triggers if you edit the location via the groovy ide. The groovy ide sees the change when changes are done elsewhere, but doesn’t trigger the subscribe events. Only if the change is made there.

I’ve opened a support ticket w/ smartthings but so far got the usual runaround of them asking for screenshots/video of nothing happening.

started earlier this week.

I ought to note that this issue would appear to have been resolved not too long after I mentioned it (or even before).

yep can confirm the same, support was of no help (claiming they don’t provide support for user-created automation, which I can appreciate, but this was clearly a failure of their triggers/events).

Aaaaand its back for me at least, same exact behavior, manual location changes in ide still trigger, anything else does not.

See the new threads on this. This is a new problem for a number of people as of October 2021. Make sure you report it to support.

thanks, really frustrating, working around it w/ switches as I’m tired of this.

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