App location.mode event is not triggering when leaving (away) and yet is triggers arrival (home)

My app location.mode event is not triggering when leaving the house (away) and yet is triggered arrival back (home).

The mode definitely changes yet the event is not triggered. I am using arm and disarm to set the mode.

Code snippet below.

def installed(){

def updated(){
log.debug “Updated”

def subscribeToEvents() {
subscribe(location, “mode”, modeChangeHandler)

def modeChangeHandler(evt) {
log.debug “Reinitializing mode change notification, new mode $evt.value”

I’m slightly confused here. ‘Arm’ and ‘disarm’ is terminology I associate with the Smart Home Monitor security mode, not the location mode.

I use the “Armed” event to set Location.Mode “Away” and use the
“Disarm” event to set Location.Mode “Home”

Report it to ST staff/support. I had noticed this last week and reported it to them, they acknowledged it, and then it appeared to have been fixed but it may be back if you’re seeing it now.

Disturbing the such an important event as “away” can suddenly fail and not given a priority by the support team. I use it to shut the house to “low energy mode”. I would have though hundreds of other apps use it to. I am thinking of switching to development environment before I go too far with SmartThings. What are your thoughts.

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