Anyone seeing location.mode returning "wrong information" at times?

(Minollo) #1

In the past few days I noticed that my heating system would sometimes stop - as if had reached the target temperature - even when the temperature was quite low. The thermostat is set to different target temperatures depending whether the location mode is “away”, “day” or “night” - the usual behavior.
I’ve started monitoring the log files, and during the last two early mornings I’ve noticed this sequence of events:

  • Around 5am mode switches from “night” to “day”; as a result the thermostat temperature target is set to X.
  • At “some point later” (6:13am today), during a regular time-polling based event, the thermostat app retrieved location.mode, and that value was - instead of the expected “day” - “away”.
  • As a result, the thermostat target was set to Y
  • One polling cycle later (5 minutes later), the thermostat app retrieved location.mode, and this time it was correctly reported as “day”; temperature target was set again at X.

The change in mode was not reported as an event (several apps are subscribed to that event, and none was triggered); it looks like location.mode “just” returned wrong (old?) information for a short amount of time, and I have no way to trace why that happened. This behavior doesn’t seem to happen frequently, but I have seen it fairly often now during the last few days, and typically happening after several minutes/one hour after the mode has changed.

Has anyone else seen anything similar?

(Matt) #2

time triggers are not working as they should. I have migrated everything to either event triggers such as luminescence or manual triggers.

(Minollo) #3

I suppose you didn’t read my post; the problem here is not about timed events; it’s about location.mode behaving erratically.

(Matt) #4

yeah thats happening too. random changes. People report lights turning on on their own and things like you are describing too. I would send a ticket to support just so they have more fuel for the fire.

(Minollo) #5

I used to communicate with support fairly easily until 6-9 months ago; now sending them emails seems to be mostly an exercise in futility, and when they do answer, you end up wasting time trying to prove to them that you are not a complete moron… So, I’ll pass this time.

(Minollo) #6

So, just to let you know: I decided to give it a try, and I did contact support.
I did get a fairly quick reply, asking for more details; I answered with a simple test app I use to reproduce the problem (it just runs every 60 seconds and logs location.mode), and several log examples which show the erratic behavior (wrong mode logged, with no mode change event justifying that). I sent support all that, and followed up with additional logging examples later in the day and the next day showing the same problem.
Unfortunately at that point support went completely silent; no acknowledgement, no request for additional information, no “let me talk to dev” liner, nothing.
So, I feel like I’ve accomplished my exercise in futility, and I can go back to my cave; in the meanwhile I’ve patched all my apps to be resilient to this problem (my apps start containing more code for workarounding ST issues than for implementing the app’s logic…).