Problem with Aeon Minimote (V1 updated). Only works next to hub!

Hi there. This is my first new post so please forgive me if I break any rules!

I have three Minimotes (v1) that I bought fro the USA. The packaging said that they had been opened and firmware updated. Guessing that it was probably a US version they used I have updated the firmware to the EU version (v1.18 after reading that v1.19 broke something). I have so far only tried two of them but they both act the same.

They pair without error as far as I can tell. However the buttons only seem to work when the Minimote is less than two feet from the hub! This is obviously no use to me!!

Have I missed something? I tried a z-wave repair as that was suggested in a post I found.

Any other ideas or do I try and return the devices to the seller?


well, you are certainly not alone here. All four of my minimotes have gone haywire.

The only way they are working is if I do a long hold and then press the button again.


Have there been any changes to the minimotes?

You’re the fourth person at least to report this in the last few days. Let support know and see the following thread.

Well, I just figured it out…

My minimotes were using the stock ST device handler.

I changed them to this one and they work just fine.

ST is at it again!!!

This is a temp fix, but it works. plus it’s a great device handler.


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Mine doesn’t work even when right next to hub.

Try holding the button until lights start flashing. Let off, wait 1 second, press the button quickly.

see if that works.

Then, change your device type to the one I linked above.

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Sure enough. Thanks.

The general Z-Wave exclude still works.

I’m sorry but even trying this alternative device handler does not fix the problem - I’m not sure it could!

To reiterate, the problem I am having is with RANGE!

The devices work well enough (say 90% of the time) when they are really close to the hub but fail to do anything (they don’t even register in the event log) when pressed more than about 6ft from the hub.

Could it be anything to do with the firmware I loaded? I used the EU version of v1.18.

Anyway - if I can’t get them to work I need to send them back I guess. That could be fun!!


Mike, I believe you said you are in the UK?
I don’t know anything about the EU version. I also bought mine used and upgraded to the newest ver firmware. I’ve not had the same problem you’re having.

I do have to ask, are you sure you have a full charge on them? Another user was similar pretty unless and it turned out the battery was dead.


Yes I am based in the UK. I don’t know what the differences are in the geographically identified firmware files. I would assume frequency or something like that?

I have tried two now. Both of them are, as far as I can tell, fully charged.

I’ve done very little research into the EU tech, since I’m never moving back there lol, what you’re thoughts?

Have you contacted support?

Spent two frustrating hours last night trying to figure out why both my minimotes went kitty wampus , next time i’ll just check the forums sooner rather than later. My motes were working perfectly for over a year then all of a sudden they went haywire, I’m finding myself more and more disappointed with SmartThings from a stability perspective.

Regardless, thank you @bamarayne as your interesting button-pushing workaround in your post worked when the issue was in-state and i was using the stock Aeon MiniMote device type handler- this proved something went wonky on the SmartThings-side, not goofiness with my setup. Switched over to the updated DTH mentioned in this thread and BAM! my mini motes are back to working as they should be.

Looks like they fixed the issue.