Prevent google assistant from opening my garage

I recently integrated Google Assistant to SmartThings. I am now able say, Hey google, open the garage door." I don’t want this as I fear a robber could yell outside my home and open the garage. I am using Chamberlain MyQ which is connected to SmartThings via RBoyApps Garage Door Manager. My garage door opener did not show up in Google Home until I linked SmartThings and Google Home. I can’t find a way to remove the garage door opener from Google Home without completely unlinking the accounts. I did try moving my garage door opener to a different unrelated “home” in google home but I can still open the garage with voice commands. Any ideas to how to do this?

In searching for solutions for the topic, it seems that a lot of people have had the opposite problem and cannot add this functionality. Alas I’ve stumbled upon this and don’t want it.

Just a long shot but maybe rename it on the google side to something other than garage door?

Being able to specify which devices you want to sync with google home broke over two years ago and to date Smarthings has done nothing to fix it. They acknowledged it as something they’re working on but that was about it.

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Yeah. I tried renaming it “.” on the google side and still didn’t change. I subsequently renamed the garage door on SmartThings to “GD.” “Turn on garage door” still opens the garage. I can’t find any location the name “garage” is mentioned except in the Rboyapp handler.

It’ll be interesting to see what suggestions you get and whether they work for you. The problem is that Google Assistant/Home makes a complete mess of handling homes/households and SmartThings does nothing to help out.

One thing you can do is to have a dedicated Google account just for connecting to linked services such as SmartThings. That way you can hide devices in homes/households that aren’t accessible to your day to day accounts.

Unfortunately if you do that then imported Scenes won’t be accessible to the day to day accounts as they need to be assigned to rooms to be visible. Few linked services handle that and Google no longer lets you fix things retrospectively.

It looks like this may be a known feature in the code created by brbeaird

### Garage Door Usage with Alexa/Google Home (With a door sensor):

If your door has a sensor, Alexa will respond simply to “Alexa, turn ON [garage door name]” or “Alexa, turn OFF [garage door name]” once you’ve completed the setup and done the discovery process in the Alexa app. This is because the MyQ door device has a on/off switch capability that can be used and kept in sync since the sensor updates the door’s status. It’s not necessary to use the Pushbutton switch in this case.

If you want a less-awkward way to open the door, you can set up an Alexa routine or a Google Home shortcut that translates something like “Alexa, open the garage” to the full “Alexa, turn on…” phrase from above.

The best way I’ve found to keep Google/Alexa from controlling a device is to eliminate the capabilities that work with those integrations. Actuator capabilities that work with them include switch, switch level, and windowShade, among others. If you’re controlling the garage by saying “Turn ON the garage door” then it’s likely being controlled through the switch capability. If you can delete that capability from the DTH then you should be set.

I think you are correct. Anyone know how to do that from brbeaird’s code?

I found discussion of this on the code and is suggests there is a solution but I don’t understand how to incorporate this into my smartapp?

I’m still new to this so still figuring things out.