Prevent DTH pairing

Hi all,

I have an Ecolink contact sensor that I wish to prevent from pairing with a DTH. Right now it’s picking up a stock “Z-wave Device” DTH rather than any Edge driver. I have a custom Edge driver installed that should be picked up by any Z-wave device.

How do I avoid having this pair with the DTH?

Also - somehow I paired the same device twice, which I thought was not possible. Any tips on excluding both to avoid a ghost device?


An Community developed Edge driver would need to have the fingerprint in order for the ecolink sensor to pick it up. If it is a custom Edge Driver, check with the developer to ensure it works with your ecolink sensor. The developer may simply need to add the fingerprint to the Driver for it to work after that, they push your the driver update to your hub which may take some time.