Present Sensor is stuck at Away


Recently, I have trouble with automatic routine not trigger. So i checked on the mobile app and found out that my Present Sensor is stuck in away mode even I put it right next to the hub.

I have tried remove the sensor and pair it again but it won’t change anything.

Anyone have an idea or workaround?


What is the battery level? When they start to get low, it starts to behave erratically.

I just using it for about a week.
Battery is like almost new

Arrival sensors are Zigbee so they can be subject to WiFi interference. Make sure that your hub is at least six feet away from your router. There are several other things that you can try:

  1. reset the arrival sensor by removing the battery
  2. cold start the hub by taking the batteries out (v2) and unplug for about 15 min
  3. after power up, try reconnecting/re-pair the presence sensor. It might not show up as a new thing unless you removed it earlier or it just might start working again.
  4. it also helps to have a couple of Zigbee repeaters to improve the mesh and extend your Zigbee network. Pocket outlets are great, especially the Lowes Iris Smart plug because they can act as both a Zigbee and Z-wave repeater.

Same issues here. This past week both of my presence sensors are acting crazy. As soon as we come home they depart a min later and never come back home. I just received a new presence sensor from ST yesterday and I’m having the same issues.

I think i found the fault here.
When i trying to open cover for reset it 2nd time.
I notice the micro switch is broken off.

I’ve been working with support for over a week now to try and figure out what was causing my problems. I moved my router and pulled 20’ of cat 6 with no luck. I decided to buy an apple s6 plus to see if this was also happening with IOS and $1,000 later I don’t have any issues anymore. Both family and things now show the same thing and the geofencing works as it shod be.

@jody.albritton I’ve also updated support with my findings. This is an Android issue.

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Thanks for the update. Can you PM me your ticket number so that I can keep an eye on this issue?


Thank you

Don’t think this is solely android. I’ve had presence issues using both iPhone 6+ and iPhone 6

Hi Jon,

I’ve looked back at the IDE logs and the arrival at 846 this morning is now showing within the logs. However, I have just refreshed this, and the log (as it did in your case) has disappeared. I’ve rolled a sanity check, and that came back fine, so it seems that something is happening server side.

If you can test out the phone for the next day or two to see if the subsequent logs stick around. I will leave a notice with our Tier 2 support about this so they can be made aware of this and if you can update us on Monday we will be able to determine how best to proceed.

Kind regards,

Thomas S
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Just as a quick follow up.

Wife’s iPhone briefly showed up in IDE as present at time mentioned previously. When I went back to device page after looking elsewhere in IDE it had gone again and showed as earlier screenshot…?!?

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