Presence sensor problems - classic app "could not create mobile presence device"

My presence sensor for my mobile lgv20 had not updated since around 4/11 and showed me online since then.

I tried without success:

signing out and signing back in
checking my mobile radius
uninstall and re-installing the app
deleting the device - confirmed deleted in my devices
recreating the device - this is where i am stuck. now the mobile app says “could not create mobile presence device”

the interesting thing is when i go to add my device, it errors out. When i check my location services, it never actually checks my location using the built in gps before it errors out. Also, when i check my location and radius. It does not show my location until i press on the gps location button a few times.

It’s not a permission issue - the app has access to everything
I’m not sharing accounts or devices

I think that’s around the date that samsung forced me to switch to the samsung account from smartthings. Even stranger, after deleting the app and all of its data. It allows me to reinstall it and access my devices without entering any credentials!? I even deleted the samsung account on my phone and it still let me access the app without login. Even with the samsung account deleted from my phone.

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My hub just started doing this too (since 13th(?) Sept 2018).
Phone knows where it is, Hub refuses to budge.
Deleted the phone, and now trying to add it again.
Same issue.

Has Google updated something and not told App devs about additional location permissions?
My App started telling me that it no longer had location services, even though the phone (HTC M9) says otherwise…

I would recommend you learn to live without it. I don’t think its a google issue. Apparently smartthings is breaking everything trying to force everyone to move to the new app which has almost none of these features. After going back and forth with support for over two months, and having them tell me to install the new app and have the new app create the presence sensor and every other useless suggestion I gave up.

But just as i gave up and uninstalled the new app and completely wiped my phone i was able to setup a new device and all of a sudden my wifes iphone started reporting its presence as well.

trying out this instead of the constant spyware that is life360:

It’s actually stalker-ware :wink:

It also drains the batteries (as some have already mentioned) on both my wife’s and my phones :unamused:

Have you tried going into your fence and clicking on the location button and reseting the perimeter?

I had the same issue until I changed Android’s GPS setting to “high accuracy (including WiFi, GPS, bluetooth and mobile data)” . Once I’ve changed it, I could set my phone as presence monitor.

Thank you! That worked for me.