Presence sensor battery

So I just got a presence sensor. The little key fob. When I do it under things, it doesn’t give me battery life? I thought it would ?

It should on its detail screen. Tap on the name of the device (not the icon on either side of the name, just the name itself) to open the detail screen.

It’s working now. After I installed it, it was just showing dashes for the battery life. I left for an hour to go to the store, came back, and now it showing battery life. I guess it just needed some time to wake up from being in a box. Thanks JD

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When you replace the battery it will take a awhile to report in too. You will replace batteries. Be careful not to break the delicate poorly designed plastic tabs that hold the battery in.


My wife and I have been using our iphones as presence sensors for almost a year now. This recent purchase was for my in laws who will be staying at our house soon while we are away.