Where to post?

(MD) #1

New to Smartthings and this forum so I do apologize in advance! I am not sure where my question should be posted and am looking for guidance.

These last several days my proximity sensor does not seem to be functioning on a regular basis. I used to pull up to my house and Smarthings would sense the proximity sensor and turn my lights on and unlock the door. Now, when I pull up, the software does show the proximity sensor is present but nothing seems to happen. I have recreated the event and it worked once but again yesterday, it didn’t function.

I had set up the proximity sensor in the routines, I’m Back and Goodbye.

Again, my apologies for positing here if it is inappropriate and I do appreciate any feedback. I certainly can remove this post if it is inappropriate. Just looking for a place to connect with other users.



(Jimmy) #2

Are you using your phone or the key fob?

(MD) #3

I am using the key fob.

(Paul) #4

Your best bet is to contact SmartThings support at support@smartthings.com. If the “Recently” tab of your Presence Sensor device is showing the correct activity (for both Present and Away), it’s likely you’ve run into some deeper problem with the SmartThings platform.

(Jimmy) #5

yeah, i’d say change the battery. if that doesn’t help, contact support.

(Paul) #6

If the activity in the “Recently” tab doesn’t match up reasonably well with your comings and goings, definitely try changing the battery.

If you do change the battery, be incredibly careful. It’s way to easy to break the battery holder.